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David Spade

I like the part where he falls

Short-Factor responds:



hard to come by things like this these days, but this is gold. good chiptune too.

bickels444 responds:

we are thanking you you just cant see us :D x

whats with the audio?

sounds like you recorded it from a tv with a tape recorder then converted it to an mp3, put it on your mp3 player, then recorded it again from your mp3 player through your mic with those crappy little earbuds.

Zezzimo responds:

lol i know but its from My computer (not recorded) I dont know why its so weird.

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have to say

controls for flying in space are seriously whacked, and the whole "punch in some numbers really fast even though you probably have no idea where they are" type of hacking is really counter-intuitive. other than that, this game isn't to bad. but, it's not worth a 5/5 or a 10/10. those two things need to seriously be changed.

Go gramps

Grandpa, Go!

V-Tech just kicked in yo.

Not bad

However the game is hyper-responsive. The bosses really arent all that hard. Found the butterfly dudes harder to deal with than the bosses.

Bosses: Stay in one spot and shoot. pretty basic.
Last boss was extremely easy. Just jump over his lazer beam, because he can hit you a few times with himself and it doesnt do anything.

Also by Hyper-responsive I mean that the double-tap, for the longest time as it to recognize it as a double-tap on the > > keys to speed forward, is about 250-350milsec. That's way to long of a wait period.

Other than that, the art and stuff was neat. Story was pretty flippin' bland.
Saw the end twist coming straight from his first halucination.

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hot damn

helluva nice drop. i think i just revisited puberty because of it.

here's a real review.

because as an artist myself, i respect the arts that i can't do myself the most.

It's a great track to begin with. the sampling you did, and the bassline throughout the entire song is beautiful. people don't realise that the correct type of bassline can literally relax your entire mind and body. that's what i truely look for in dubstep.

I love the dirtier end of the dubstep genre, but my most favorite end is the mix between Ambient and Dubstep, and you've achieved both ends of the spectrum with this.

the piano in the beginning introduces the progressive feel to the entire track, and that violin in there towards the end is a great touch, it works seamlessly with the entire song itself. this track progresses very slowly, and that's probably why people are bombing it, no patience to hear the entire masterpiece itself.

the song itself is very dramatic. the bassline that hits in the first quarter brings in "fresh air" to keep interest. it's a great touch, i don't see a whole lot that can possibly improve on this, maybe some type of longer bassline through it somehwhere distant in the background or something. i'm not a music-maker.

rated 5/5 and 10/10 because of what's stated above.

in conclusion, the feel of the entire track is very lucid. keep it up, you did a great job!

haywirehaywire responds:

Thanks a lot afro, great review.

i love a new sound

dubstep needs more new sounds to it besides a generic "wobble" in the background. creating a new sound to a genre full of these.. expectations of generic bassdrops, makes the people who bring a new sound to it a pioneer.

this is right up next to mt. eden's work. this is an excelent track, keep it up!

IDReaper responds:

Wow, thank you! =D Glad you thought it was so good.

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Good work in Blender, here's a tip:

The shadows, or the AO Map, is a bit grainy. You can goto the World button, and find the Ambient Occlusion tab in there, and raise the sample rate up to 20, and it'll get rid of the grainyness to it. It'll just take a little bit longer to render.
5/5 10/10, good work!

IStumpyI responds:

yeah I purposely kept it low so i could render the animation quicker, I almost like the noise though.

looks plastic

maybe the intention, but very very nice job on this.

cut the crap

yes this is a good piece of work here. however, that wood is way to glossy, so is the china. however, this IS a good model aside from the shaders. tweak your render settings for the glossiness and it'll look better. to much gloss = wet after a rain :)

Afro on yo heaaaaaaad!


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