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i want to hippo for cuber

2009-09-29 20:34:56 by theafro

you all have no idea how much i love baked bulbous benign big buckling baskets of bread.

oh man

2009-08-19 16:20:27 by theafro

ye 8)

oh man

yeah, i do art.

2009-08-18 08:26:10 by theafro

so what. i have some art up. i generally specialize in planets and space-scapes, since, well. the stars are vast, my friends. i'm not much for cropping and pasting, and doing a lot of photo manipulation, because to me that isn't really art. that's moreso going, "hey guys look at me. i can use the selection tools." which is nice and all but really? they aren't artists.

now i know i have that clockday image up that, yes, i did make it. it's cropped and whatnot, but i did that because, c'mon. fuckin' clock day, man. it was intentionally made looking 'not to great' :p

BUT i love making space scapes. time goes into it, and time comes back out of them. so hey, if you stumble across this, give my art a peek once in a while.

Because poop

2009-08-07 21:36:09 by theafro

I like this place.
I like this cityscape behind this window.
I like this advertisement ontop of my screen.
I like vans.
I like stairs.
You know what I don't like? You.

There I made a post.